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iPad Filming
Write your blockbuster, grab some props and be the winning team with the most popular film.

Based on a brief which can range from standard company products to bespoke company values that you want to choose for the teams to use and promote via their film.

We have a large array of props on hand to enable teams to theme their film and it is then up to the teams to allocate roles and responsibilities before starting to put together their masterpiece.  Roles include Director, Actors, Location Scouts, Script writers and Costume creaters.

The teams will then write a storyboard of their film and write scripts based on the brief given out at the beginning of the event.

We use the high Definition video camera on the iPad2 touch screen tablet, running the iMovie editing app.  iPads are the only platform to feature this quality of recording and this editing ability in one device.  With a battery life of 8 hours they suit any event.

The iPads are mounted in a specially made case that allows it to be mounted on a video tripod, for steady, shake free filming.  Sound is recorded through a state of the art, broadcast quality shotgun microphone, for crystal clear voices without the interference of background noise.  Lights are fitted to the top of the mount for better images in low light conditions.  A high quality lens aids the image

A professional film crew are always on hand to help and advise.  Teams can do as much or as little as they are comfortable with, but the instructor is capable of doing all filming and editing whilst keeping the team movated throughout.
The films can be played back at the end of the event or left on a data stick for you to enjoy later over dinner etc.

For an additional fee, the event can be hosted by a trained actor to bring your Oscars ceremony to life.

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2 hours +


Team work
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