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As the Egyptian Sand and Gravel Company you are tendering for the Pharaoh's pyramid. But will you beat the competition and secure the contract? A superb activity to let a little competitive spirit demonstrate the qualities of successful teams. The Pyramid Game can be run as a fun breakout activity or as a more formally facilitated event.

What’s involved?
Teams are issued with six different briefing sheets which contain information on labour, materials, travel distances and costs. The task is to submit a tender for the construction of a pyramid by calculating costs and timings.

As part of the task, participants will need to choose a quarry and a site - and transport the stone from one to the other. Using a map of the area, teams must decide which quarry to use and what route should be taken - over land or water?

If the decision is water, then using the wooden resources provided, the team must construct a suitable raft to demonstrate to Pharaoh their means of transport. If land is chosen they must construct a bridge. 

In addition to the main task there is a problem to solve which will give access to an ancient document containing further, useful information - an ancient pyramid builder has left valuable advice for those transporting stone across the desert!

The Pyramid Game is a team activity that challenges any level of delegate to manage a seemingly complex project.

The team must be organised from the start as there is much to do and managing the available information is critical to success. The final presentations provide a lively summary of the task - and expose many team skills and behaviours!

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Up to 24




1-2 hours


Problem solving
Team working
Risk Assessment

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