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The Bank Job

A great team building activity that can be used as a fun conference breakout, team event or used as a more formal activity to explore teamwork issues.
Working in separate teams, delegates have to co-operate and work together to solve this crime. If they try to compete then all will be lost.   A great lesson that demonstrates why different departments in an organisation need to work together to achieve the set goals.

What’s involved?
An audacious robbery in London means that four departments in the Metropolitan Police are out to catch the culprits. The problem is that their individual budgets won’t give them all the resources needed to apprehend the villains. But by sharing the load, teams can achieve together what no single team can achieve on its own. Will they be willing to share what they know and pool their budgets?

What it does
Sometimes you just wouldn’t know that people are working for the same organisation, so deeply ingrained is their desire to compete. And even if you decide to co-operate how do you convince others that you can be trusted and that you’ll reciprocate in terms of giving information and sharing costs? The Bank Job lets teams try for a win-win situation – and any team that doesn’t join in can expect a rough ride from the others!

An upbeat activity that can be run as a fun breakout or as a formally facilitated business game.

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Approx 1.5 hours


Problem solving
Team working
Time management
Decision making

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