Masterpiece is a creative and popular team building  event that is about creating art - on a massive scale!  And with a unique option to give this event a 'charitable' spin by donating the finished masterpiece to charity is a guaranteed 'win-win' event.!

Using paintings or images by well known artists, or corporate images if preferred, the challenge is for teams to work together to produce a giant replica masterpiece of their own.

Masterpiece is an ideal team building event for creating a sense of unity, experiencing shared achievement and bringing people together and the final result is always breath taking. Armed with paints, overalls, canvasses, pencils and other assorted equipment, each team performs various tasks liaising amongst themselves to ensure that the end result lives up to the team’s expectations.

The main work of art is produced on a giant canvas that has been divided into several sections. Each team is allocated a number of sections to complete. Teams soon realise that the key to success is co-operation and team work, not secrecy and competition, and by sharing and communicating they can make certain that each section fits perfectly with those adjoining it.

The final result is always stunning and it shows immediately just how powerful an effective team can be.
Masterpiece is a superb team building challenge that creates a real sense of unity amongst those taking part and focuses on making people work together on a task which, at first, may seem impossible. However, by working together and supporting each other, the team will complete the challenge and realise that the task is achievable. 

What’s more, they will be amazed at what they can achieve as a team!

Fact File

Numbers: 10-100+

Location: Indoors

Duration: 2 hours +

Benefits: Creativity
Problem solving
Time management

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