Treasure Hunts - GPS

We’ve taken Treasure Hunts to a whole new level…

Kaboura Events have taken the popular treasure hunt concept and added cutting edge technology to create our GPS Challenge range of hunts that can be played in either an urban or rural setting. There are a number of hunts to choose from to improve teamwork, have fun and can be tailored to meet your exact objectives.

We haven’t used technology for technology’s sake. The Smartphone and Tablet revolution has allowed us to raise the bar and create a unique event that gives a more interactive team building experience.

Regardless of which hunt you book, each team will receive a tablet PC pre-loaded with your unique event and packed with a range of features that will engage and motivate your team.

Here’s what you’ll get:
Interactive Maps - The Google Maps interface show where your team is on the map and more crucially, where the other teams are. The GPS technology will track your progress and only allow questions or challenge to be activated when you are in a particular location. No more cheating and plenty of surprises.
Instant Feedback & Live Scoreboard - Earn points for correct answers and receive penalties when wrong. A live scoreboard updates to build competition and excitement throughout the game.

Fact File

Numbers: 8-100+

Location: Outdoors

Duration: Half to full day

Benefits: Teamwork Creativity

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