Building a Dream

Building a Dream is an exciting and new team building event that benefits teams and results in kids bikes being donated to charitable children's projects throughout the UK.

What's involved?

Building a Dream is a fun new team building activity that sees teams joining the ranks of a fictitous company - Wheelies - in order to work together to build and manufacture a range of children's bikes ready for despatch to worthy projects in the community. The company is hoping that you can help drive the business forward, have an impact on the market and impress the local community. 

And with our new Chief Executive - Alan Sweetner - at the helm waiting to be impressed, it's down to you to ensure that you work together to meet clear business goals and targets by the end of the working day!

This upbeat event begins when the factory whistle blows and all teams clock in to begin their day's work.  And as the team face a range of roles, responsibilities and challenges, it's down to them to work together in order to ensure that their product is ready to despatch to market in time for the Chief Executive's Product Briefing at the end of the day!

Building a Dream is a creative team building event that provides teams with a fun opportunity to work together whilst enabling them to create and produce a range of real bikes for donation to a worthy children's project in the community. If given enough time, we can also get the young people to the event to personally receive their new bikes
from the teams.

What's included?

Team building events with a difference that benefits your team, your business and your community. 

Fact File

Numbers: 10-200+

Location: Indoors

Duration: 2 hours +

Benefits: Corporate Social Responsibility
Team working
Problem solving
Community support
Decision making

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