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Kaboura Events Limited was launched in 2004 with the aim of providing unique team building events and creative team building activities.  

Since that time, it has gone from strength to strength and developed an impressive portfolio of team building events and clients ranging from medium-sized enterprises to large international companies wanting to increase their staff motivation through team building activities and events.

With its core business in the provision of high-quality team building events, Kaboura Events specialises in designing and delivering community-focused and charitable team building events and charitable team building activities that bring benefits to a wider cause and support local communities.

At Kaboura Events we recognise the importance of being involved in local communities and being socially responsible.

This is reflected in the delivery of our services and events, particularly through our unique Community Challenge team building events. Our unique Community Challenge events have provided over £500,000 worth of benefit to local communities and generated over 10,000 hours of support to worthy causes.

In addition, we actively encourage our staff to support local organisations and worthy causes. To date, this includes providing support and advice to a range of worthy organisations and charities including The Prince's Trust, The Scout Association, Community Youth Offending Panels and a Romanian Challenge Appeal.

Our small team of friendly full-time staff have a huge range of experience in providing team building events in a variety of settings. 

In addition, we have a large bank of experienced Freelance staff whom we involve in a large number of our events.

Over the years, we have been involved in everything from running team building programmes for Senior Executives and developing bespoke events for international companies, to leading unique team building expeditions to far flung places across the globe.

So, what's a 'Kaboura' and why did we choose it as our company name?

As a company we thrive on being innovative and creative and that's also reflected in our name.

'Kaboura' are unique Amazonian insects that are found throughout the savannah regions of Guyana and Brazil.

Their ultimate survival depends on their ability to work as a team and they are renowned locally for their ability to support each other and work together. On their own, they achieve nothing, in teams they move mountains!

Unique, respected and different from others in the species, the Kaboura provides us with an excellent symbol of team work at its best and reflects our aim of developing a company that is unique, respected and different from the rest!

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Kaboura Events specialise in corporate team building events.  Our team building days, corporate fun days and charitable team building events are second to none. We've developed lots of activities and exercises to ensure your day out is both successful and memorable. We have team building events and activities for everyone!


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